I'm Anything But Ordinary

I'm Anything But Ordinary

27 February 2006

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What a seemingly looooong weekend. I think it's because I didn't go to my classes Friday. And we also went out which made Friday night longer than normal. Green apple schnapps? Delicious! Saturday we went to the last Hockey game ever to be played at Goggin. I think my Dad went to the first to ever be played so that's kinda cool. 40 years later I'm sharing the end of something he saw begin. Today we went to Kroger and spent entirley too much time parked in front of the television. Watched the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. Drew won *yay* Jerry came in second *more yay* and Stacey was third. Just the way I wanted it to work out. Just finished watching Grey's Anatomy. I think I'm gonna have to find out what's happened in the past seasons because even though I really enjoy the show, sometimes I have no idea what's going on. George however is uber cute and I totally want to make all the pain Meredith has caused him go away ;)

Tomorrow I have so very much to do.
At 1:00 I have to meet with the head of the History department to declare my second major. I hope that only takes an hour because I have to go to English at 2:00. Fortunatley, my meeting's only in Upham so I if worst comes to worst I can leave Upham at 1:55 and still get to class on time. After English I have to go to MacMillan to talk to the people there about studying abroad next year at AUC or Steffie will be very disappointed with me :rolleyes: hehe. I also want to go to the Rec, call the yearbook people to get a 1976 yearbook for my dad, find out when Parent's Weekend is next year, and make a hair appointment for spring break. On top of homework and classes of course... I think I'll take a Tylenol PM right now and hopefully be asleep by midnight. Bridge of Birds just keeps getting better. I'm almost done with it and I think I'll read Wicked next. I want to get it doen before the show this summer. I guess I have pleanty of time to get it read but I think I'm getting anxious. I wonder how much like the show it is. Oh, I should also bring up that Chanda and Lindsay want tickets to Wicked too when I tell my mom to make me a hair appointment. I need to email my aunt back too. Maybe I can get my cousin's job at the Wooster Book Co. or work the GreenLeaf job and the Wooster Book Co. I like that idea. I just DON'T want to work at the brush again!!!

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